Home Body Workout

Some of us can’t go to a gym...
Some of us don’t know where to even start...

I set out to help with these two pain points last year.

Enter the “Homebody Workout”.

I created this during the pandemic and it’s helped me stay in shape during this time. 

What’s included in this eBook:

• A simple illustration showcasing how to perform the exercise safely.
• Number of reps & sets. 
• A link in case you need to see how the exercise is performed.
• and more!


Before you workout, it’s important to make sure your body is warmed up. And the first part will help you do just that. 

The second section of the exercise is the meat & potatoes (or lentils & bananas if you’re vegan) This is where you’ll strengthen a specific part of the body. “Workout D” focuses on the delts (or shoulders). If you’re new to fitness, you should lower the amount of reps and sets you perform until you’re stronger. If you’re not new, increase the reps and sets. 

After you’ve done the main exercise, it’s now time to cool down and one of the safest ways to do so is to stretch. Static stretches allow your muscles to recover faster while improving flexibility and range of motion. 

Now a big part of health and wellness is your mental well-being. 5,6 and 7 not only help stretch your muscles, but doing these stances/poses help with self confidence. This is very important in your fitness journey. 

There are 6 additional exercises included in this program. 
Dm me or email me at lastrepgear@gmail.com if you have questions. 
-Stay up