What is 25 Steps?

I created 25 Steps to help us develop healthy holistic habits & behaviors.

That's the company in a nutshell.

And there are 25 habits & behaviors that I believe can change peoples lives as they have changed mine and countless others throughout history. Habits such as journaling (Step 25) and juicing and creating your own smoothies (Step 17). Habits such as developing a book reading system (Step 19) and Crafting your health and fitness goals (Step 1). After I changed my life by adopting healthy habits and behaviors, I found out that this was key to my transformation. Little adjustments that compounded over time.

With anxiety, obesity and depression on the rise, this is my attempt to help those in need with holistic health. Because until we figure out a way to help the whole person, we wont see truth health and healing.

No matter what your goals are, look at your habits.Our habits and behaviors are the roots that most aren't discussing.

Change your habits, change your life. 

Thank you for visiting.

-Rahsaan Boone (CEO & Founder)